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Two HAMMER leaders receive international materials science awards

2 HAMMER PIs with their awards

Hybrid Autonomous Manufacturing, Moving from Evolution to Revolution (HAMMER) leaders Glenn Daehn and John Lewandowski recently earned international awards for their achievements and contributions to the materials science and engineering community.

The American Society for Metals (ASM) International presented the awards during the International Materials, Applications and Technologies (IMAT) 2022 Annual Meeting this month in New Orleans. IMAT is one of the world's most well-attended and renowned materials-focused events.

Daehn, the Mars G. Fontana Professor of Metallurgical Engineering at The Ohio State University, was honored with the ASM International Gold Medal for his “creative and impactful development and dissemination of materials science and technology, including impulse welding and joining and forming.” He was also recognized for deploying material science curriculum in numerous K-12 classrooms. Established in 1943, the Gold Medal recognizes outstanding knowledge and great versatility in applying science to the field of materials science and engineering, as well as exceptional ability in the diagnosis and solution of diversified materials problems.

“It is truly an honor to be recognized by my peers and ASM for my work,” Daehn said. “It is extremely important to me to make this knowledge accessible and share the latest innovations, especially with the next generation of materials science engineers.”

Lewandowski, the Arthur P. Armington Professor of Engineering at Case Western Reserve University, received the Albert Easton White Distinguished Teacher Award for his outstanding contributions to teaching and research in materials science and engineering. Established in 1960 in memory of an ASM founding member and past president, the award recognizes devoted service in teaching, significant accomplishments in materials science and engineering, and the ability to inspire students. Lewandowski has exemplified these traits and his students have conducted world-class research in the mechanical behavior of intermetallics, metallic glasses and high-performance structural materials.  

“Our HAMMER team has some of the best and most impactful scholars in the world in materials and manufacturing.  These awards validate this,” said Daehn.  

ASM International is the world's largest association of materials-centric engineers and scientists. The annual ASM Awards recognize individuals and organizations for technical achievements, teaching, research, development and furthering the purpose and mission of ASM. Award winners are nominated by awardees’ colleagues or other ASM members.