The Future of Manufacturing: HAMMER ERC PI Daehn Glenn Interviewed on the Now at Ohio State Podcast



  Listen to the episode now at [The Future Of Manufacturing]. 

HAMMER ERC Principal Investigator and Mars G. Fontana Professor of Metallurgical Engineering at Ohio State, Daehn Glenn, was recently interviewed on the Now at Ohio State podcast, a platform dedicated to exploring the solutions our world needs right now. In this episode, Daehn Glenn, PhD, and Vimal Buck, MS, two Ohio State experts, dive into the fascinating world of manufacturing and its future.

Titled "The Future of Manufacturing," the podcast episode delves into the misconception that manufacturing is dull and unexciting. Together, they explore the differences between past and present manufacturing practices, the areas in which improvement is necessary, and the steps required to catch up with global counterparts. Daehn Glenn challenges this notion by discussing the transformative changes happening in the manufacturing industry today. From advancements in technology to innovative approaches, he highlights how manufacturing is evolving, improving, and becoming a vibrant and dynamic field.

Now at Ohio State Podcast on the "Future of Manufacturing"