Digital and Robotic Forming 2024 Symposium: Call for Abstracts

Digital & Robotic Forming 2024 feature

Dear HAMMER stakeholders,

Please consider participating in the Digital and Robotic Forming 2024 symposium will take place as part of the TMS Specialty Congress 2024


For a lot of reasons, beyond even HAMMER, I think this is whole area is at a tipping point.  One of our co-organizers, Babak Raeisinia was featured in a Smarter Every Day YouTube that racked up 3M views in 5 days, and they were inundated with interest.  I’m hoping this specialty conference will be recognized as a coming out party for this technical area.  It’s part of a 3-topic Specialty Conference


Digital and Robotic Forming 2024 will take place as part of the TMS Specialty Congress 2024 (June 16–20, 2024, in Cleveland, Ohio), which includes not only the  Digital and Robotic Forming 2024 event, but two other, related, co-located events as well (The 2nd World Congress on Artificial Intelligence in Materials and Manufacturing, and Accelerating Discovery for Mechanical Behavior of Materials) within the single registration for the TMS Specialty Congress 2024.


Our focus is the Digital and Robotic Forming 2024. This is a brand new TMS event, for which I am the chair of the organizing committee. It will explore science and technology associated with numerically controlled forming methodologies that include robotics, machine learning (ML), and/or combinations of manufacturing practices and how they can be applied to forming techniques, processing science, and the way we manufacture and make materials. It will convene experts and stakeholders to discuss the supply chain challenges for large metal parts and more. Attendees will investigate how the forging industry, that has not seen many fundamental changes in the last 50 years, is poised for transformation, with advanced sensors, design methods, and machine learning.


The symposium will include following technical topics: 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ML in Robotic Forming
  • Fundamentals of Incremental Forming
  • Hybrid Processes (e.g., Stamping & Robotic Forming, Robotic Forming & Stretch Forming)
  • ICME in Support of Forming Operations
  • ICME-Based Design in Robotics
  • In-situ, In-operando, and Post-mortem Characterization (Temperature, Strain, Microstructure)
  • Industry Application on Infrastructure (Includes: Marine, Defense, Automotive,
  • Aerospace, Medical, Large-Scale Energy, Construction, Architecture)
  • Methods for 3D/4D Processes
  • Robotics: Enabling and Application
  • Robotic Forming on Non-Metals
  • Tools: Computational and Control


Abstracts can be submitted on the website: TMS Specialty Congress 2024 and a flyer is attached.  I look forward to seeing you in Cleveland.



Glenn Daehn

HAMMER - ERC Director

2 Robotic Forming 2024