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HAMMER will have impact with speed and at scale with the best people and partners, with a proven track record. HAMMER has four pillars that will translate scientific research and development into positive societal change:


map of pillars with headshots

Convergent Research

  • Our core group has deep experience over the wide range of disciplines needed to change the face of manufacturing. 
  • The team has access to some of the nation’s best facilities for manufacturing research.
  • The team has a history of collaboration both among each other, for example authoring the TMS Metamorphic Manufacturing report, and with industry and societies. 

Education and Workforce Development

  • Our team holds leadership roles of major education programs related to K-12, workforce and university-based future leaders
  • We are scaling PET-FABS for manufacturing and hands-on STEM education.
  • We are committed to reaching the widest possible audiences through collaboration with other educational institutions, industry, societies and makerspaces.

Innovation Ecosystem

  • A large and diverse group from technology societies to economic development groups, to incubators, to companies have committed to joining HAMMER.
  • Broad reach is encouraged using a low-cost membership model offering easy engagement.
  • Industry impact is governed by IP-bearing technical leadership membership.
  • Community interaction including hands on work will take place through a network of at the Manufacturing Innovation and Learning Labs (MILLs).

Diversity and Culture of Inclusion

  • The Culture of Inclusion begins with our Leadership Inclusivity Statement:  We are committed to a culture of inclusion and all members reject all forms of discrimination, prejudice, racism, sexism, and racial or ethnic injustice.

  • Code of Conduct:  We declare our commitment to advancing, increasing, and cultivating a diverse and inclusive culture. Every member must sign and reaffirm each year their commitment to the HAMMER inclusivity statement and the code of conduct.

  • All HAMMER personnel are committed to including underrepresented groups and developing programs to do this at scale. 
  • North Carolina A&T is the largest educator of African American engineers and will initiate a Hybrid Autonomous Manufacturing Ph.D. program.
  • AFRL minority leaders, GEM consortium and other programs will be part of the HAMMER network.